'Asht-Bhuja Dhuja'

'Asht-Bhuja Dhuja'


Designed by Juga Singh

A3 (297mm x 420mm)
170 gsm illustration printing paper (specially chosen for its excellent anti-aging and anti-yellowing properties)
This print is a faithful reproduction of the original
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About the Print

Guru Gobind Singh's eight-limbed battle standard as preserved at Hazoor Sahib, and his prophesy of sovereignty for his loyal followers in the face of tyrannical Mughal rule, as told to his devotee, Bhai Nand Lal:

I will
make manifest my kingdom,
merge the four castes into one,
and make all contemplate the mantra
'Vaheguru' ('Wondrous Enlightenment').

On beholding my warriors mounted on steeds and
flying hawks, the Turks will take flight.

I will
have a single warrior fight 125,000 and
grant salvation to the Singh who wages war.
Lances will sway and elephants will be adorned.
At every door the battle drum will resound.

When 125,000 matchlock fuses smoulder,
the Khalsa will conquer all the lands under the sun.

Print series: Hazoor Sahib