Major Tom's War {Pre-Order}

Major Tom's War {Pre-Order}


Vee Walker

A powerful account of the impact of WW1 on a doomed generation and on one particular Indian Army cavalry officer in particular.


Hardback, 448 pages, 234 x 156 mm
20 b&w photographs and 1 map
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About the Book

Major Tom's War is a powerful account of the impact of WW1 on a doomed generation and on one unlikely yet real couple  in particular.

Why does Bengal-born solicitor and Indian Army cavalry officer Tom Westmacott flee Calcutta in 1914? And why does Evie Winnington-Ingram, who has good cause to hate him, agree to his proposal of marriage? Their dark, shared past initially drives them apart. War forces them to face up to a harrowing present before they emerge, together, into an unexpected future.

From her family's archive, the author weaves together multiple strands of an authentic WW1 plot full of memorable characters: her grandfather Tom, the proud and damaged cavalry officer; his nurse and reluctant bride, Evie; Tom's vicious nemesis, Lochdubh; Amar Singh, the steadfast leader of the Sikhs; Tom's protector, Harnam Singh; the reckless yet terrified young lieutenant, Reggie Durand; Gaston Derome, the hero mayor of Bavay, a French town clinging to survival under the heel of the invader, and four unforgettable horses.

About the Author

VEE WALKER is a natural storyteller and an experienced museums and heritage consultant. While working on her first book she discovered an unknown family tragedy that ultimately led her to spend seven years researching and writing Major Tom's War. This novel is based on her grandfather's war diary scrapbook, which was assembled by her grandmother, Evie.

A digital archive with 400+ rare images and documents will complement the publication of this unique publication.

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Publication Date: 21 September 2018
ISBN: 9781911271147