Piecing together Sikh history


The Times of India features Davinder Toor, world’s leading collector of Sikh artefacts.

Davinder’s knowledge and expertise have helped create what none other than India's biggest English language paper describes as 'a stellar collection of Sikh artefacts, given context thanks to extensive research by amateur and professional Sikh historians.'

'I try and piece together this puzzle of not just Sikhs, but the Punjabis, because Sikhs just made up 10% of Punjab.

We call it the empire of the Sikhs but it’s really the empire of Punjab,' said Davinder Toor, creator of the unrivalled Toor Collection of Sikh art.

Davinder's new book In Pursuit of Empire: Treasures from the Toor Collection of Sikh Art, featuring many of the objects showcased in the exhibition, is out now!