In the Master's Presence: The Sikhs of Hazoor Sahib (Vol 1)

In the Master's Presence: The Sikhs of Hazoor Sahib (Vol 1)


Nidar Singh Nihang & Parmjit Singh


A beautiful production... a precious collector's item which I will treasure



Hardback, 330 pages, 280 x 210 mm
160 colour and b&w illustrations
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Praise for the Book


'A fabulous achievement ...Hazoor Sahib takes us into a lost world of Sikh history. We are in the presence not only of the Master but of world class scholarship and research'

'A very serious book, tirelessly researched, and broaching a subject long neglected in Sikh historical studies...beautifully illustrated [and a] striking historical narrative... In the Master’s Presence is a book that belongs on the shelf of everyone in the world interested in Sikh Studies and the regional histories of northern and southern India'

PROFESSOR LOUIS E. FENECH, Journal of Punjab Studies

'A treasure-chest of a book! ...combines fascinating and deeply informed text with an abundance of superbly reproduced images ...This aesthetically and historically rich volume celebrates an important and under-acknowledged strand of Sikh tradition at a time when it is at risk as never before'

'Terrific, pioneering and original work'

'Marvelous - from the extraordinary images gathered to the clear, compelling text and superb printing... Most published material on the subject is either grimly academic or hopelessly hagiographic. [In the Master's Presence] is the real thing'
GEOFFREY C. WARD, writer of the awarding winning tv series The Civil War

'Immensely readable'
SUSAN STRONGE, The Victoria and Albert Museum

'Comprehensive research'

'Nidar Singh and Parmjit Singh do remarkable work in cataloguing the history of Deccani Sikhs...'

About the Book

Some of the most far-reaching events in Sikh history have centred on Hazoor Sahib (‘Master’s Presence’), the final resting place of the tenth Sikh Guru – who had spent much of his life battling against the oppressive policies of the Mughal Empire – in the Deccan region of Central India.

Separated from the traditional Sikh heartlands of Punjab by hundreds of miles, the proud Sikhs of Hazoor Sahib steadfastly maintained ancient practices and manners that were largely lost to their northern compatriots, who had lost their fiercely independent nature after having come under British rule in the mid-19th century.

Their fascinating story is told for the first time, based on rare written sources, archival images and a unique oral tradition, in this first of two volumes.

About the Authors

NIDAR SINGH NIHANG is widely acknowledged as India's last great swordsman and an exponent of Sikh battlefield traditions. He has lectured and contributed to several television documentaries, radio programmes and publications on the subject.

PARMJIT SINGH is an independent researcher, historian and curator specialising in Sikh history. He has worked as special consultant for the BBC, The Discovery Channel, Victoria & Albert Museum, British Museum, British Library and Wallace Collection.

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Design: Juga Singh
Publication Date: 23 January 2009
ISBN: 9780956016805