'1984: India's Guilty Secret' at The Wiener Library

The Wiener Library for the Study of the Holocaust & Genocide was the fitting venue for a special talk given by Pav Singh about his powerful new book '1984: India's Guilty Secret'.

The Library is the world's oldest Holocaust archive and Britain's largest collection on the horrors of the Nazi era. Pav is intimately acquainted with the venue on Russell Square being one of its longstanding community advocates.

The event was marked by Pav's hard-hitting analysis and expose of the high level government conspiracy of the genocidal massacres of Sikhs, and of the thirty-three cover-up since. 

That in turn inevitably led to much debate and questioning with the author and amongst the attendees themselves who all came away with much food for thought. 

Audience members were given plenty of opportunity to ask pertinent questions as Pav interacted with them to allow a two-way dialogue encompassing the range of issues thrown up by such a crime against humanity - including discussion on 'what next' in terms of how to address the failings and ongoing impunity for the perpetrators and the lack of justice for victims and survivors. 

Thanks to all who came to an engaging and thought-provoking evening. 

All photos: credit & copyright Raj Gedhu.