Over the weekend Amazon US and Amazon Canada changed the release date of Stories for South Asian Supergirls to 18 July 2019 to reflect the book's new official launch date in North America.

This is because we recently changed our North American distributor to one of the most dominant in the region and needed the additional lead time to secure an exciting promotional deal with a major Canadian retailer (details forthcoming).

While this is great news for the book (enhancing its reach & enabling many more girls to have the opportunity to enjoy it), we recognise that there will a delay to everyone who pre-ordered the book on /

For this unintended consequence we are truly sorry - especially as the book's North American supporters did so much to create an incredible buzz around ‘Stories for South Asian Supergirls’, helping it to shoot up the bestseller rankings even before it was released!

If you are affected by this change and wish to receive the book before 18 July, the following options may prove helpful:

1. Re-order via Amazon UK

The book is currently discounted from £12.99 to £9.35 by Amazon UK, who offer several shipping options to fulfil orders to North American customers (you can login to using your normal login details, but remember to cancel your pre-order).

2. Re-order via Kashi House

For a limited period, we are happy to offer SIGNED COPIES of the book with a special discount on shipping for North American customers - this means you pay the same delivery cost as a UK customer (delivery time: 3-5 working days).

Just drop us an email to with the subject line 'SUPERG|RLS - NA SHIPPING OFFER‘ (stating the quantity if more than one) and we'll send you a payment link.

(Offer ends midnight (GMT) on Sun 26 May 2019; only applies to orders containing ‘Stories for South Asian Supergirls'.)

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Please email queries to

Please do not Contact the Pink Ladoo Project or the book's author, Raj Kaur Khaira, as they are not directly involved in this commercial matter.