Kashi House's newest author to exhibit her work in Singapore


Dr Juss Kaur presents her brand new exhibition showcasing her reflective mantra art series.

As part of the Naam Raas Kirtan Darbar in Singapore from the 22 - 25 December 2018, Juss will be presenting some of her exciting pieces. Each intricate image is composed of up to 20,000 handwritten Waheguru mantras inspired by the Sikh concept of Oneness – a universal approach to life that is mindful of the Divine presence in everything and everyone, and thus recognises all people as one.


We are proud to be publishing her first book Mantra Art: The Journey Within in June 2019! You can pre-order now.

Juss Kaur will be donating 100% of her profits from book sales to Khalsa Aid International.

Click here for more information about the Naam Ras event.