'The Eyes of Asia' and The National Army Museum

Thanks to everyone who came to Charles Allen’s talk on Kipling’s The Eyes of Asia at the National Army Museum.

A diverse audience helped mark the publication of our centennial edition of Kipling’s final fictional work on India which features an extensive Introduction by Kipling and India expert Charles Allen.

Charles discussed Kipling’s fascination with the Indian soldiers' letters home and how he turned his hand to devising four stories around fictional letters between the war front and the home front during the Great War.

The Q&A offered the audience and Charles the opportunity to reflect more on the role of the Indian soldiers in the war, how this affected the independence movement and indeed how Kipling’s own views on India and the war developed.

Our thanks to all who came and contributed to a fascinating evening including our hosts The National Army Museum and our splendid caterers The Punjab Restaurant, Covent Garden.