A cosmopolitan camaraderie on the Western Front


The Tribune newspaper recently printed a feature article focusing on the notable Sikh soldiers among the diverse array of characters in our first novel, Major Tom's War.

At its heart is an unusual love story centred on the author's grandparents: Tom is an officer in the Central India Horse during the First World War while Evie is a would-be suffragette turned nurse.

The Sikh who looms largest in the story is Risaldar Major Amar Singh. He served as a regimental granthi or scripture reader and is pictured here with Tom in Thérouanne, France, 1915. Other Sikhs who make an appearance are Tom's spirited protector, Harnam Singh, and his groom, Arjan Singh.

You can read the full article here and get your hands on a copy of the book here.

Image credit: Westmacott Family Archive